ART TAIPEI 2015 存在と記憶 山田啓貴x黒田清輝・藤島武二

 存在と記憶 ー 山田啓貴x黒田清輝、藤島武二

10月30日(金)~11月2日(月) 11AM~7PM (11月2日 ~6pm)
30 Oct.-2 Nov. 11am -7pm. (2 Nov. -6pm)
10月30日~11月2日 11am ~7pm (11月2日 ~6pm)

台北世界貿易中心展覧大楼一館 C29ブース
Booth No. C29  Taipei World Trade Center, Exhibition Hall One
台北世界貿易中心展覧大楼一館 C29展室

アジア圏における油画の先駆的な到達者である黒田清輝・藤島武二。その功績に憧れ、敬意を払いながら油画の本道を進もうとする山田啓貴。若き山田啓貴が向き合う現代のものの存在や自己の記憶は、黒田、藤島らの歴史的存在や作品そのものに通底しています。 近代、現代の枠を超えた存在と記憶の世界を御覧ください。

-Being and Memory-
In Asia, Seiki KURODA and Takeji FUJISHIMA are both called as the pathfinders for eastern oil painting. With admiration and paying homage to both of them, Keiki YAMADA made his real way of oil painting too. Those modern beings and memories of his own to which the young Keiki YAMADA is facing are also shown in the works as some historical beings within KURODA, FUJISHIMA and others at their period. Enjoy the world of being and memory crossing over modern and contemporary art.


山田 啓貴  Keiki YAMADA

1978 北海道苫小牧市生まれ
2002 多摩美術大学美術学部絵画学科油画専攻卒業
2004 多摩美術大学大学院美術研究科修了


Definitely there is something over there──those invisible things were stayed there to be painted to fill in the space.
Something that happened in the moment, or repeatedly like a usual day, may touch your heart by those landscapes which have never been taken notice of before.
And those landscapes of old memories which have been found out for bringing back to life are running away when you close your eyes.
So there is certainly something should be impatient to be painted to keep it in our mind.