ART FAIR TOKYO 2020 林武 山田啓貴 山本雄教 藤田勇哉

林武 Takeshi HAYASHI
山田啓貴 Keiki YAMADA
山本雄教 Yukyo YAMAMOTO
藤田勇哉 Yuya FUJITA


Shihodo Gallery is proud to present artists Takeshi Hayashi, Keiki Yamada, Yukyo Yamamoto, and Yuya Fujita for the 2020 edition of Art Fair Tokyo. In a space where new and old stand side by side, we offer an opportunity to enjoy the distinct qualities of each work, as we contemplate the nature of the time tested tradition of painting.

至峰堂畫廊將在Art Fair東京2020展出林武、山田啓貴、山本雄教、藤田勇哉等四位作家的作品。在已故作家與現代作家並列的空間內,感受各自作品所散發出不同的魅力,思考過去到現在的延續性與聯結性等繪畫的本質。

林 武 Takeshi HAYASHI

林武「海」30F 油彩
Takeshi HAYASHI “Sea” 30F Oil on canvas


Born in 1869, Hayashi took an interest in literature while attending dentistry school, and later went on to teach himself oil painting after dropping out of the Japan School of Art soon after enrolment. Having tirelessly participated in the Nika and various independent exhibitions, his career eventually lead him to become a professor of Tokyo University of the Arts. In his later years he even used his fingers in applying thick layers of paint to establish a heavily impastoed style through which he challenged the essence of his subjects face to face. Combined with his intense use of colour, Hayashi’s style became particularly popular.
In this exhibition we compare the colours of the tranquil sky and sea on the horizon from the early years of his oeuvre, with the bold composition and brushwork of waves and rocks from his later years. Through works such as Ocean, which contrasts the two styles in an attempt to capture the essence of the scene, we observe the intensity of Hayashi’s works as a self-taught artist and pioneer of modern painting.


山田 啓貴 Keiki YAMADA

山田啓貴「まろやかな日本の味」10F 油彩・テンペラ
山田啓貴「まろやかな日本の味」10F 油彩・テンペラ
keiki YAMADA “Mellow Japanese taste” 10F Oil, Tempera on board

歴史の蓄積を踏まえた良質な作品の制作を続ける山田啓貴。ルネサンス時代の古典絵画技法であるテンペラで描かれた精緻な作品は、見る者によってさまざまな記憶を思い起こさせる。 アートフェア東京2020では、作家の故郷である“苫小牧のアーケード街の風景”をテーマに作品を展開する。絵の中に浮かび上がるように存在するモチーフを眺めていると、懐かしい記憶や光景が目の前に蘇り、過去や現在の自分自身との対話をもたらす。こうした鑑賞者との対話を通し、故郷という場、共通の記憶としての時代と向き合うことができる奥行を、さらに広げつつある近年の山田啓貴をお楽しみください。

Keiki Yamada continues to create distinct works which convey the passing of time. Employing the classical renaissance technique of tempera, his delicately detailed works allow viewers to explore their own memories.
The theme for Yamada’s collection of works at Art Fair Tokyo 2020 is “The scenery of a shopping arcade from Tomakomai” from the artist’s hometown. As we gaze at the motifs which seemingly float in the paintings, nostalgic memories and places are aroused in our minds’ eyes, creating a dialogue between ourselves from the present and past. In this exhibition we observe how Yamada expands the depth of his works, which arises from these exchanges with the viewer, recalling the places of our hometowns and collective memories.

在Art Fair東京2020,以畫家的故鄉”苫小牧的拱廊街道的風景”為題之作來展開。眺望畫面中浮現的題材,眼前會重新浮現懷念的記憶或光景,與過去或現在的自己進行對話。近年的山田啓貴是透過此種與觀者的對話,探討所謂的故鄉,是以擁有共同記憶的年代中的縱深延展。令人滿懐期待的畫家。

山本 雄教 Yukyo YAMAMOTO

山本雄教「One coin cherry blossoms」 160×90cm 麻紙、鉛筆、一円硬貨のフロッタージュ
山本雄教「One coin cherry blossoms」 160×90cm
” One coin cherry blossoms” 160×90cm
Pencil on manila paper, one yen coins

「One coin cherry blossoms」は、1円硬貨のフロッタージュで描かれた桜である。一気に咲き誇り、また一瞬で散る桜の“華やかさ”と“儚さ”は、通貨の存在とも重ねられる。通貨にまつわる話題は時に“派手さ”がまとわり、我々もつい着目してしまう“俗っぽさ”を持っている。その一方、信頼により価値が決まる通貨は、途端に無となってしまうことすらあり得る。加えて、米粒をオールオーバーに描いた作品やブルーシートを用いた作品など、異なるシリーズを混在させながら「OHANAMI」を表現していく。

For Art Fair Tokyo 2020, Yukyo Yamamoto sets the theme of “OHANAMI”-cherry blossom watching. Through works incorporating coin rubbings, rice grains, and blue tarpaulin, Yamamoto expresses the transience as well as the vulgarity which accompanies the Japanese springtime custom.
One coin cherry blossoms is a one-yen-coin frottage of cherry blossoms. The brilliance and transience of cherry blossoms, which bloom at once and scatter their petals in the bat of an eye, echoes the existence of money. Conversations surrounding money are often flamboyant, and also have a vulgarity about them which we can’t help ourselves from noticing. On the other hand, money also faces the risk of losing its value in an instant depending on its credit. Through a combination of works from differing series depicting rice grains and using blue tarpaulin, Yamamoto presents his unique view of “OHANAMI”.

在Art Fair東京2020,山本雄教以「OHANAMI」為主題做展出。運用1圓硬幣所創作的拓印、米粒、藍色帆布等一系列作品。賞花過程中所併存的”虛幻、無常 “與”卑俗”的呈現。
「One coin cherry blossoms」是以1圓硬幣做拓印所描繪的櫻花。迅速地綻放出耀眼光茫,隨即又一瞬間花謝,櫻花的此種”華麗”與”虛幻”正好與貨幣的存在吻合。圍繞著貨幣的話題時,總是提到”浮華”,我們不由得著眼在”卑俗”。一方面,貨幣是基於信任基礎來決定其價值,甚至也可能瞬間轉為毫無價值。並且,以米粒畫滿整個畫面的作品、藍色帆布或混合不同系列所呈現的「OHANAMI」。

藤田 勇哉 Yuya FUJITA

藤田勇哉「YF668」12F 油彩・綿布
藤田勇哉「YF668」12F 油彩・綿布
Yuya FUJITA “YF668” 12F Oil on cotton


Yuya Fujita paints his subjects in refreshing detail. His motifs of mundane fruit and appliances are tenderly cut out from our everyday lives, giving us the impression of gems in a treasure chest. Although substantially magnified, his subjects are thoroughly depicted through observation, his fruit never loosing their succulence, and appliances never loosing their substance. For Art Fair Tokyo 2020, the artist continues to give shape to each of his hand-picked motifs, which may not each be of significant value, but emanate a feeling of personal importance and affection.

藤田勇哉擅長將描繪對象,嬌豔清新並細緻地繪製。舉凡身邊的水果、道具為題材,細心地做局部切割的作品,其事物是從日常生活中所切割出來,令人感覺是收放在百寶箱中。一邊觀察實物所切割的作品群,儘管擴大對象的尺寸,水果或道具決不失其清嫩性或存在感。在Art Fair東京2020,畫家會將一一選出的題材做完整呈現。那些也許未必是貴重的物品,但是可以感受到它們是被珍惜地放在身邊。

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